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Anita Moorjani

Imagine living with a soul-deep sense of self-love, feeling completely whole and at peace with every aspect of who you are and joyously following your life purpose, where you no longer question your worth or how you're perceived. You see the perfection in your imperfections. You're no longer preoccupied with fixing yourself or your life — because you realize nothing is broken.

In this state of being, you are freed from the prison of other people's expectations and judgments. You allow the wisdom of your soul to express itself through you and you could swear you feel a divine hand at your back, gently directing you.

If you think greeting each day with a lightness of being and unending gratitude is unattainable, Anita Moorjani felt the same way — until she literally died of end-stage cancer.

After a miraculous near-death experience (NDE), she returned to this world knowing that she'd be fully healed — and with a mission to guide others to access the transformative wisdom she had been gifted with.

Now you can experience this same deeply healing shift of perspective!

Workshop Overview

During this advanced retreat, you will: