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Day One
March 10, 2018
Dual Session — Introduction to our Program at Sea
Presented by
Dr. Joe Dispenza and Anita Moorjani

Our 2 hours opening session will be an introduction to topics such as:

  • The rapid healing, and the transcendental aspects of being healed
  • Being able to hear and see things beyond my body
  • How I was surrounded by our deceased loved ones
  • Time is not being linear
  • Understanding of karma and reincarnation

Dr. Joe will explain and outline the scientific explanation regarding each element
of what Anita speaks on.

Day Two
March 11, 2018
"The Day I Died"
Presented by
Anita Moorjani
If the doctors were right, Anita Moorjani would not be here today. Her last day on earth would have been February 2, 2006. In a coma and dying from cancer, Anita found herself in a place she could only describe as heaven. With startling clarity, she looked at her life and saw what had previously been clouded by fear and doubt. When she chose to return, understanding that heaven is more a state than a place, she shocked everyone by leaving the hospital fully recovered in a matter of weeks. During this workshop, she will share what she experienced, and what she learned in the other realm.
"Quantum Physics and the Neuroscience of Mindcause and Effect? Or Causing an Effect?
Presented by
Dr. Joe Dispenza
In the world we live, called 3-dimensional reality, most of us function as materialists using our senses to define reality. We have become conditioned into placing our attention on objects, things, people, places, and time. To many of us, if we cannot see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it, it does not exist. In fact, in this realm, we believe that time is linear, predictable, and predetermined--that there is a definite past, present, and future. However, there is alternate immaterial reality--which exists beyond our senses--where there are infinite possibilities all happening in the eternal present moment. There are no objects, no things, no people, no places, and no time there. You and I have access to that field of information because we have all the biological and neurological machinery to connect to it. Science has named it the unified field--an invisible field of energy that unifies and governs all the laws of nature.

When we live with our continuous focus on matter, we feel separate from this field of energy. Once we learn how to connect to the unified field, we feel less separation and thus, more wholeness, more oneness, more love, and more unified with it.

In his first lecture, Dr. Joe Dispenza will deliver a concise teaching-made easy--combining the latest models of quantum physics, neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology, and epigenetics to bridge the realm of matter and spirit, and to show you how you can access inter-dimensional realities. Once you understand ’the what’ and ‘the why,’ ‘the how’ always gets easier.

Day Three March 12, 2018
"Health Care or Illness Scare?"
Presented by
Anita Moorjani
In this workshop, Anita challenges our current fear based beliefs around illness and cancer, and the paradigm we live in that fosters those beliefs. What if we lived in a culture where the dominant beliefs around cancer or any other illness were different? What if we believed that all illnesses were just an imbalance, and that, if we healed the imbalance, there would be no illness? If the dominant paradigm around cancer were different, would it illicit a different response within our physical anatomy? Anita explores these and other related questions.
Day Four March 13, 2018
  "You are not Doomed by your Genes. Victim of Disease or Victor of Disease?"
Presented by
Dr. Joe Dispenza

We are not hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of our lives and we are not doomed by our genes. We are marvels of adaptability and change. Dr. Joe Dispenza will share the latest research on how disease is created in the body and then he will provide a scientifically proven, step by step process on how to reverse disease and demystify the principles of a true healing. Based on over 5 years of independent research, Dr. Joe will discuss numerous case studies of people who have applied the theories of the new sciences to prove that people have, within their reach, all the tools to make substantial changes in their health and in their life.

He'll also talk about stress, stress hormones, and the placebo effect.

Day Five March 14, 2018


NO Workshops

Enjoy the beach! 

Day Six March 15, 2018
"Embodying Love in a Fear Based World"
Presented by
Anita Moorjani
Anita often says “Love yourself like your life depends on it – because it does!” She learned this the hard way – by getting cancer, and it was self-love that truly saved her life. It’s one thing to understand the importance of loving yourself, but most people still don’t know how. We have been conditioned to believe it’s selfish to do so. In this workshop, she will share practical tips on how to be an embodiment of love, and the importance of knowing your true worth when it comes to expressing yourself, and being all that you came here to be. In addition, she will address the virtues of self-love, versus self-sacrifice.
"Living and Leading with your Heart.  Being Greater: Overcome and Become"
Presented by
Dr. Joe Dispenza
For years in his workshops around the world, Dr. Joe Dispenza has taught thousands of people how to regulate internal states independent of the conditions in their external environment. He has trained individuals on how to skillfully maintain and sustain coherent heart and brain states and has measured their abilities. In his final lecture, Dr. Joe will explain the difference between living in survival vs. living in creation. He will teach the biology, the chemistry, and the physiology of what it means to lead with an open heart and mind so that when you return to your life, you can combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion to create the life you have always wanted.

Day Seven March 16, 2018
Dual Session — Workshop to be announced
Presented by
Dr. Joe Dispenza and Anita Moorjani